Essay Competition



Submission Guidelines

Deadline for Submission and Announcement of Winners

  • Submission Deadline September 15,12 pm ET 

Criteria for Submission and Review - Essay Topic

  • Topic: Solving Violent Problems with Peaceful Solutions - Utilizing Innovation and Access in Blockchain Technology as a Gateway for Peace
  • Submissions will be assessed by a panel of judges, selected by the BBS.
  • Review the BBS Essay Guidelines


Winning essays will be published in the BBS Archive and be honoured at a special event during the Black Blockchain Summit in Washington DC.  Participants, regardless of their winning status, may be invited to read excerpts from their essays at the summit and/or invited to participate in Summit panel activities. 


  • Essays should be no less than 250 words and no more than 1000. 
  • Winning essays will  address the competition’s essential question/topic. 
  • Only one entry per person or team.  Maximum 3 students may team to author the essay. 
  • Previously published essays are not eligible.  
  • Your essay will remain your personal property, however by submission, the BBS and its affiliates are granted perpetual rights to share, use , publish, and cite the material submitted and associate the authors name and likeness with the work, and associate the work with the summit in any and all forms of existing and future media.  


Contest submissions are open to all students ages 11-18. Contest Categories are:

  • Middle School (11-14)
  • High School(ages 14-18)
Note: Minors under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian consent form on file.  Submissions from minors who are homeschooled / emancipated are encouraged and will be considered for competition.
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