About Us

About Us

The Black Blockchain Summit is a groundbreaking event at the intersection of applied sciences and social sciences, dedicated to addressing the unique needs and aspirations of the Black community. As a beacon for Black innovators, scholars, and activists, our summit explores the transformative potential of blockchain technology and other emerging technologies to drive social change and economic empowerment.

Featured in Time Magazine, the Summit has attracted over 3,000 global participants and featured more than 120 speakers.


Our History

Rooted in the rich legacy of Black excellence and innovation, the Black Blockchain Summit was founded to harness the power of blockchain technology for the global advancement of Black communities. Since our inception, we have grown into a landmark event, hosting our 6th Annual Summit in 2023 at the historic Howard University in Washington, DC.


John Wainaina Karanja
Sinclair Skinner


Our journey began with the pioneering vision of our co-founders, John Wainaina Karanja and Sinclair Skinner. John Wainaina Karanja, a visionary leader in the African tech space, has been instrumental in driving blockchain innovation through his roles at BitHub.Africa and Melanin, companies focused on blockchain and distributed energy solutions. Sinclair Skinner, an engineer and human rights activist, has championed the use of blockchain for social change within Black communities. Their combined expertise and dedication have been central to the summit’s growth and impact.


With the continued support of the D.C. Mayoral Administration and Howard University faculty, the Black Blockchain Summit is truly a Mecca of innovation


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the Black community through education, collaboration, and innovation in blockchain technology and other emerging technologies. We are committed to fostering a future where the Black community not only participates in the tech revolution but leads it.


Key Features

  • Educational Empowerment: We educate Black communities on leveraging blockchain and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive economic growth, financial inclusion, and social justice. Our offerings include educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and monthly meetups at Howard University as part of our Emerging Technology Education Campaign. Participants gain advanced skills and practical experience in these technologies.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The summit provides unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting participants with like-minded individuals, potential business partners, and investors. Workshops and breakout sessions focus on the practical applications of blockchain and AI, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Community Focus: We emphasize community empowerment, promoting blockchain solutions that benefit underserved and marginalized communities. Topics like wealth creation, financial independence, and digital equity are central to our discussions.
  • Global Perspective: Addressing global challenges and opportunities, the summit fosters a diverse and inclusive dialogue on the future of blockchain technology, featuring contributions from participants and speakers worldwide.


Join Us
We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and empowerment. Together, we can unlock the potential of blockchain and emerging technologies to create lasting, positive change for Black communities across the globe.

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