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Prosperity & Independence

The summit, will bring together Blockchain Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and Thinkers to discuss a myriad of key challenges facing Black communities around the World. The objective of the summit is to find innovative and lasting solutions that disrupts the unsustainable status-quo, bringing lasting prosperity and independence as envisaged by freedom fighters and liberators in the “Arusha Declaration”.


We believe that through diligent use of Technology and harnessing Black Cultural Competency; problems facing Black societies globally can be mitigated in a timely and effective manner.


Black Blockchain Summit 2018 is the largest is the largest black blockchain event in the world. For the past 10 years we've hosted fireside chats with Silicon Valley technologists and pioneers, demonstrations of cutting-edge future technology and exciting startup competitions with founders and teams from all around the world.  This year, for the first time ever, we're bringing Black Blockchain Summit to Washington, DC. 


2201 Georgia Ave. NW Washington, DC 20059

September 10 - 11th 2018

"Blockchain technology, for the first time in history allows for innovators to develop solutions on an open and permissionless platform with the additional benefit of monetization. This is a great opportunity for Africans who are the most youthful on the planet to participate in developing solutions that address key challenges the face like the lack of financial and energy access." - John K.

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