Dr. Gary L. Harris Memorial Reception

The Dr. Gary L. Harris Memorial Reception at the 5th annual Black Blockchain Summit will be Friday, September 23, 2022, 5-7p.m. in the Howard University Interdisciplinary Research Building, 2201 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC.


Dr. Harris was an accomplished scholar with over 100 peer reviewed publications, a distinguished Howard University Electrical Engineering Professor,  a nationally known STEM advocate and lifelong innovator.

He was a leader in establishing the USA Science and Engineering Festival at the Washington Convention Center, the NanoExpress mobile nanotechnology laboratory, and the Howard University Materials Science Research Center of Excellence attracting several outstanding African-American researchers.

He was active with the Washington DC Boy Scouts,  organized DMV Engineering scholarship fundraisers and hosted weekly Sirius XM radio shows “Homepage” and “Nanotalk”.

Dr. Harris' support made the 1st Black Blockchain Summit reality.  Sadly, Dr. Harris passed away in October 2020. This reception will honor his contribution to the blockchain and broader communities he served.

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