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Career Fair


We are hosting a career fair that will be a great opportunity to share corporate interests and projects with some of the most brilliant and skilled minds in the world.

22 - 24 September 2022 Howard University, Washington DC, USA

An Exclusive Invitation

HBCUs + African Universities = Historically African and Black Colleges and Universities. (HABCUS)

Access global talent, from Howard University in the US to Africa University in Zimbabwe

Remote access and in-person, Hackathons and Student Sponsorships

“…But with the right people involved from the start of the next wave of change—crypto—the possibilities are endless.” - As seen in Time Magazine

The largest Blockchain Career Fair in the world.

For Companies and Organizations: An opportunity to meet global talent from HBCUs and African Universities - Historically African and Black Colleges and Universities.

For Students: An opportunity to meet companies looking to hire professionals in various skills and expertise in the Blockchain space, from software engineering, marketing, compliance to accounting.

The 5th Annual Black Blockchain Summit

In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of The Black Blockchain Summit, we are inviting corporations and organizations that are developing their interest in this technology and wish to explore opportunities to expand their teams and mission in the latest Blockchain technology.

Connecting bright minds with leading Blockchain companies.

Past and Present Sponsor. Contact us :

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